FirstClass Colaborative Suite

FirstClass er et af markedets ældste, gennemprøvede og alsidige løsninger til sikker kommunikation mellem grupper af personer. Den aktuelle version 11.1 har en bred vifte af funktioner som kan tilfredsstille kræsne brugere af desktop-, mobil- og webklienter.

Collaboration: Avail of the rich collaboration environment in FirstClass to share content, engage in threaded discussions, connect with your co-workers and keep up to date on everything that is happening within your organization.

Archive Services: Accidentally delete an important message? Compliance? Legal requirements? FirstClass Archive Services provides for the archiving and retrieval of messages and calendar items on an individual or group basis.

Blogging: Make your voice heard within your organization through your own blog in which you can share your expertise and insights with others within a secure environment.

Search: Need to find that particular document, wiki or person fast?  Our search facility allows you to quickly retrieve relevancy ranked information.

Cloud: No hardware, no backup, no upgrade headaches…..let us run your system for you in our state of the art hosting facility.

Mobility: Connect to your network and continue collaborating from anywhere at anytime via iPhone, Blackberry or Android.

Private email: When more private communication is required, our feature-rich email facilitates this.

Calendaring: Personal and group calendars enable you to easily manage your schedule, plan meetings and book resources online.

Contacts: as well as your own personal address book, you can also share a contacts database with members of your team or organization, making it easy to connect with people fast.

Communities: Create shared spaces for working with colleagues inside your network and partners outside your network.  Avail of a wide range of social networking tools that will enable you to achieve real results as part of a team.

Profiles: Allow other members of the organization to get to know you and your areas of expertise. Contact details, interests, and background – share yours and easily find others.

File Storage & Sharing: Files of any type can be transferred to shared workspaces or to your personal file storage repository on the system through simple ‘drag n’ drop’.

Instant Messaging: Connect with one or more co-workers in realtime to share information and resources.

Micro-blogging: Share your status. Express your viewpoint.  Broadcast a request. Get a snapshot of your organization with our social micro-blogging feature – ‘The Pulse’.

Personal Web Publishing: Take advantage of our comprehensive set of web publishing tools to create your own personal website to share information with your own audience whilst still adhering to a consistent corporate branding and design framework – no HTML knowledge required.

Unified messaging: You don’t have to be in the office to check the voicemail on your office phone.  You can receive that important purchase order directly into your personal mailbox.  Our powerful voice and fax capabilities mean you can receive your email, voicemail and faxes all into the one single mailbox.