Uafbrudt netforbindelse? Gratis webinar…

Skrevet 26.4.2019

GFI tilbyder gratis webinar om netværks oppetid…

Today, organizations have higher expectations on the availability of their networks. As we all have from businesses and services. We expect our networks to be five-nines capable and we don’t even consider the possibility of having interruptions to our business.

But what happens if a business faces a network outage? The impacts can be tangible like lost revenue or reduced employee productivity. Other impacts include, customers dissatisfaction, tarnished brand image, employee frustration and much more.

GFI knows how important it is for networks to stay up and running. Our next webinar will cover the new High Availability feature that has been added to Kerio Control 9.3. You’ll learn from our System Engineers about the Master-Slave functionality and how to set it up.

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WEDNESDAY, MAY 8 –  10.00

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