Introduktion af MAXON Labs – nyt content for CINEMA 4D brugere

Skrevet 16.2.2017

MAXON Introducerer MAXON Labs til CINEMA 4D Brugere

CINEMA 4D er kendt for sin brugervenlighed of stabilitet. Nukommer MAXON Labs som giver brugerne adgang til værktøjer , som kan gøre CINEMA 4D endnu bedre.

Fra starten er der 4 værktøjer som er gratis tilgængelige for CINEMA 4D brugere:

  • Extrudifier – A Python script that adds random detail geometry to scene objects. This provides a way to quickly add interesting details and complexity to any geometry.
  • Coons patch – A plug-in with our implementation of the Coons patch; a type of parametric surface. It lets you define a 3D surface based on the 4 splines forming its edges. With it, you may create complex curvedsurfaces with mathematical precision.
  • Team Render HTTPS – A Python plug-in enabling secure HTTPS Support for the Team Render Web server. This helps secure the web interface of a Team Render farm.
  • Team Render Notifier – A plug-in that notifies you when a team render job is done. It can notify via many channels, including your mobile phone, email, social media such as twitter, etc. This ensures that you know when your render job is finished, no matter where you are.